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First of all we would like to thank you for visiting our site.             WELCOME!


We are Tim and Wanda Fletcher.  We met 8 yrs ago and had no idea that we would find so much love for each other and also have the love for our dogs in common.  It goes to show life can get better with age.  Wanda moved from Eastern Washington, where she had lived her whole life to start this new adventure and life with Tim. We married in Vancouver, Washington in June of 2006 and that is where we reside at this time. Together life has been amazing.  What are the chances of finding the love of your life and the perfect dog partner in one package? We are blessed to have each other and the dogs we love.


         Now with that aside, I am sure you would rather hear about the doggy part of our lives. Wanda has been in the Sheltie’s as a small breeder and exhibitor for 35 yr.  Keeping our numbers down and at the same time working towards a successful breeding program has been difficult but rewarding. Serenity’s First Champions were Ch. Serenity’s King Coal and his litter sister Ch. Serenity’s Mystic Shadows. What a thrill!  Peggy and Jan Haderlie did such a tremendous job with them both in and out of the ring. Breedings of our own came seldom and few, but regardless over the years those special dogs and Champions did start to evolve. It has become our passion and pleasure to contribute to the breed, a working animal and a companion that will enrich our lives and the lives of those who own and love our dogs.


         Our goals are to always think of the dogs that we bring into this world first. It is a huge responsibility to create a living thing that will affect the breed and the lives of the owners for a very long time. For us Health is first and foremost. Our belief is that without health you have nothing. Temperament is second on our list. Our third goal is to produce a working animal, an animal with the ability to do its job when called upon.  Coming from the world of Quarter Horses (a dependable, durable, thinking and athletic animal) Wanda has a preconceived idea of what we want in our breeding program. Movement comes from structure and tells the true tale of what the dog truly is structurally. It would be a hard task otherwise for the dog, to keep up with a herd of sheep. We also work towards a Sheltie that is equal in the comparable balance of neck, head, body, and leg. With all that said the dog will have a balanced outline and with movement that is correct and efficient.


     We have also become members of the Pacific Northwest Shetland Sheepdog Club and have learned much and enjoyed the company of many by means of this club.


      On a final note, we are so thankful for the Shetland Sheepdog with its sweet, loving temperament for taking us down the Sheltie Trail to find such special people. Good people are attracted to this special breed and we are looking forward to all the new friends that are yet to come our way.  


                Wanda and Tim


The latest up date on us is, that we have recently moved to Woodland, Washington and we and the dogs are loving the "room to roam".  It is truly the wild west. Lots of nature and wildlife.


We would love to hear from you

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